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About Faisaliya Farm

Al Faisaliya farm, one of the high productive agricultural farms in Kuwait, has been formed to produce and market high quality vegetables and native plants/seeds for domestic and international markets. The farm possess all components of farming include large production facility for hydroponics, native plants, fully equipped tissue culture lab, and mechanised seed processing facilities. The managing experts are well-known agricultural engineers and environmental scientists who have significant knowledge in hydroponics, vegetables, and native plants. With the scientific collaboration of Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research (KISR), Al Faisaliya established a production centre of desert plants & seeds.

The Founder

Mr. Faisal Sultan Al Essa

Mr. Faisal Sultan Al Essa, who is a well known business personality having genuine interest on quality agriculture and also keen to conserve Kuwait native plants. His wish is to produce as much of quality vegetables in Kuwait to reduce foreign imports. Conceiving the significance of desert plants, major part of the farm has been transferred into native area by cultivating more than twenty thousand prime native plants.