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Hydroponics or soil-less culture is a technology for growing plants in nutrient solutions that supply all nutrient elements needed for optimum plant growth with or without the use of an inert medium such as gravel, vermiculite, rock wool, peat moss, saw dust, coir dust, coconut fibre etc. The hydroponics systems at Al Faisaliya are state of the art technology models that the owners can be proud. No other farms in Kuwait have such sophisticated systems of quality agricultural production. The technology is from Korea with additional options to suit Kuwait conditions. The existing production facility consists of an area around 20,000 m2 with climate controllers and recycling systems in addition to fully automatic microprocessor assisted fertigation controllers. There are two hydroponics cultures available such as NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) and closed circle peat moss media. Main crops are lettuce, tomato, cucumber, capsicum and leafy vegetables.