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Plant Tissue Culture

Plant biotechnology can effectively be contributed in facing many challenges related to agriculture in developing countries particularly desert regions. As Al Faisaliya farm always concern in convoying the scientific progress and bringing forward up-to-date technologies in order to improve its production capacity, as well as, to keep in parallel with region interests in maintaining stabilized plant ecosystem and plant biodiversity, the PTCL project was initiated. Comparing with conventional propagation, the laboratory will offer the advantages of mass propagation of healthy and high quality plants year-around at a faster rate.

List of plants that Faisaliya tissue culture lab trying to standardize micro-propagation:

    Native plants

  1. Rhanterium epapposum (Arfaj)
  2. Calligonum comosum (Artha)
  3. Lycium shawii (Awsaj)
  4. Ochradenus baccatus (Ghurdi)
  5. Other plants

  6. Solanum tuberosum (Potato)
  7. Fragaria ananassa (Strawberry)
  8. Phoenix dactylifera (Date palm)